Does anyone fancy telling me where you small mob of new followers have popped up from?

Anonymous asked: When is your second book coming out?

My fingers are crossed that it’ll be around about the 20th of November :) x

A few updates:


1. I went to buy more stamps at the post office today (I’m surprised they don’t know me by name yet) and found out that the cost of international stamps has been increased. To deal with this I have had to raise the cost of a letter. Hopefully you understand this and I still believe that $8 is a fair price considering the amount of time and effort I put into each letter.

2. I’m going to be switching the form off from November 30th until sometime in the new year. This is to give me a chance to get through everyone’s letters and also gives me time to have a break from letter writing for christmas. I really love writing these letters and will definitely still be continuing writing them next year. In the meantime, if you want me to send you a letter, please make sure you request it before November 30!

That’s all for now. I hope you’re having a wonderful day!

x Erin

Anonymous asked: Have you ever thought of making a directory sort of thing for all of your beautiful poems? Sometimes I really want to find a poem to show a friend or to bring back wonderful feelings and I just can't seem to find it amidst the great wide web even if I know the title.

Let me direct you to the little search bar in the top left hand corner of my blog (if you’re on the computer). If you know the title of a poem you can type it in there and it will come up, or if you don’t quite know the title but know the general theme of the poem eg. stars then type that in and it will bring up all the poems with that theme.

Hopefully that helps, but of course if you still can’t find a certain poem just send me a message and I’ll find the link for you. x

Anonymous asked: Do any of your poems in the Poetic Underground have specific names?

Of course they do! They all have names (apart from the 4 line ones).

clownsmakemesmile asked: There is a feeling I get when I read your poetry, my brother and I call it murashki, which literally translated means bugs, but in Russian it means the feeling of something crawling under your skin or chills. Your poetry gives me that and leaves me wanting more. Thank you for writing and please, keep on being amazing!

THIS IS THE SWEETEST MESSAGE OH MY GOODNESS! Wow, thankyou so much for sending me this and I hope you keep enjoying them! xx

Anonymous asked: You have written so many lovely poems! By any chance do you know approximately how many?

Oh goodness no I don’t! I think some sweet person went through and counted for me a while back but I can’t remember the number. Maybe I should do that!