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artofephemera asked: You're simply pure lovely. It'd be an honor to be but a fly on your wall in the midst of your writing, just to spectate the creation of your work. Never stop doing what you love, because you do it passionately, and true passion is a rarity to be had in these days.

Oh my goodness this message is so beautiful. Thankyou, and I hope that my passion for writing stays with me for a long time to come.

I hate to break the illusion of me being some kind of wondrous human being who strolls through forests while gathering inspiration for my writing, but if you saw me as I was writing a poem I fear you’d be let down. There’s nothing amazing about me sitting on my bed and typing whilst occasionally getting frustrated when things don’t turn out right and stopping for food breaks every now and then. I wish there was some sort of magic involved in my writing, but that isn’t the case.

Thankyou for being so wonderful and this message made me smile so much.


221bbacketstreetgalifrey50 asked: Is it too late to ask if you can write me a poem?

Not at all! You just need to go over here and read the info there on how to request one :) xx

Anonymous asked: Where do you get inspiration from? You write such beautiful poems so very frequently. I've had writer's block and haven't written anything for over a month. Even when I write on a normal basis, I still only manage to write a decent poem every few months or so. If you have any advice Erin, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Oh goodness, I don’t feel like I write frequently at all! I feel as though I’m in a constant state of writers block and then every once in a while something will spark inspiration in me and I’ll write a poem and then fall back into the trap of writers block again! 

I think one of the hardest parts is that I do feel pressure to write good poems. Since my audience has grown much more than I expected I feel like I must write the best poems I can all the time, which just leads me to not wanting to write at all. I try to ignore that as much as I can and remember that I started this blog just as a place to post what I wrote no matter its quality, so that’s what I try to do. If I write something I’ll post it here, even the poems that I’ll look back on in a few months and cringe.

Anonymous asked: I can't make a tumblr, But i want to let you know, that you have impacted my life so much. I have your book and hope to write to you soon. Keep up the amazing work, You have a beautiful soul and are truly a inspiration. Thanks~ xo Kitsune

It’s so strangely wonderful that I’m able to impact the lives of people I’ve never met! Thankyou so much! xx

holmes-is-where-the-smart-is asked: I'd been wondering about your MBTI type! Yours is indeed the rarest for women. (I'm an INFJ :) I love your work! You have the ability to captivate the mind, tug on the heart-strings, and touch the soul all at the same time. One feels that you've been able to crawl inside them and give voice to the many thoughts and feelings they have no words to express. To feel understood is such a rare thing and a need we all have. You have a truly beautiful gift - thank you for sharing it!

Both my sister and my best friend are INFJ’s, I think our two personality types get on well with the exception being that INFJ’s are more likely to openly express how they feel whereas INTJ’s keep it all inside.

I honestly never know how to reply to messages like this because nothing I can say will ever accurately let you know how much they mean to me. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that I’m not the only one reading these words, and it’s so amazing to know that by putting part of myself out there I can connect with a whole range of people I never would have had the chance to otherwise. You all make me smile every day x

cupcakes-and-secrets asked: Have any of your poems ever been set to music? Some of them would sound absolutely gorgeous in a choral arrangement. I can just imagine "Life Cycle" as the most beautiful piece.

As far as I know they haven’t, I’ve had a few people ask if they could turn some into songs but I’m not sure if they’ve ever gone through with it. I’d definitely love to see how it would sound though! It’s funny that you should suggest that poem specifically, as I’m feeling very attached to it at the moment :) xx